MIMIX Support

MIMIX Support

Mynah Bird consultants have been providing MIMIX Support to MIMIX HA customers for over 10 years. We would like to offer our experience and expertise so that you can have complete confidence in your MIMIX installation. Your MIMIX HA installation is a crucial part of your business resilience strategy.  For greater peace of mind make sure you are backed up by high quality support from Mynah Bird.

Our MIMIX Support offering includes:

– Expert guidance to keeps your MIMIX installation operating at peak effectiveness and efficiency.
– Assistance with advanced tools and resources including a comprehensive online knowledgebase and web-based screen sharing support.
– Advice on the latest upgrades, fixes, and enhancements.
– Telephone, email, and online support options.
– Additional On-site support from Mynah Bird if required.
– Backed up by ‘follow the sun’ from Vision Solutions.

We believe we are different and can offer the very best value MIMIX Support in the UK

Please contact us to find out why.