MIMIX Installation Services

MIMIX Installation Services

Mynah Bird offers the highest quality Professional Services for MIMIX solution deployment to meet your business objectives. Integrating hardware, software, services, support and training, our consultants use best practices honed over 15 years experience to install a fully optimised MIMIX solution whether it be for:

– High Availability
– Disaster Recovery
– Data Centre Move

During the installation, we work closely with your team to ensure that all the installation steps are fully understood. Your technicians will work alongside our consultants in order to familiarise  themselves with the configuration prior to hand-over.

We typically finish the installation by providing on-site skills transfer for your team, covering daily operational tasks and trouble shooting.  In addition to installing and configuring your MIMIX Solution, our consultants will also provide a Post Installation Summary Report which will document the configuration details selected. The summary report is reviewed with your team as part of the handover process.

To ensure the installation process goes as smoothly as possible, MIMIX Installation services include the planning meetings and information gathering, and the creation of detailed project plans and statements of work as required.

Mynah Bird IT High Availability Consultants have been installing MIMIX HA solutions for over 2 decades, providing protection for business critical data for all types and sizes of business. You can trust your MIMIX HA Solution to Mynah Bird IT.