Mimix Move


Looking for easy IBM i migrations with near-zero downtime?
Whether you’re performing a hardware refresh, storage reorganisation, data centre consolidation, or cloud adoption, migrations play a vital role in keeping your data centre efficient, and productive. MIMIX® Move™ leverages powerful replication technology for IBM i with expert professional services from Mynah Bird IT to carry out migrations painlessly and with near-zero downtime.

Real-time replication means you can perform efficient migrations to physical, virtual, or cloud servers while business operations continue on your current production server. Only minutes, rather than hours, of downtime are required for the cut-over. Relying upon the experience and expertise of Mynah Bird consultants, reduces internal resource strain and ensures a reliable, efficient migration.

Why Use MIMIX Move?

Businesses are under constant pressure to maintain and update their IT infrastructure, whether to improve performance with upgraded hardware, address the need for new and expanded data storage, react to merger and acquisition events, or implement private or public cloud technology. Traditional migration methods can put your business at risk for substantial downtime and incur the cost of IT staff overtime when performed out-of-hours. MIMIX Move delivers simplified and low-risk migration with near-zero downtime.

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