MIMIX for PowerHA works with IBM PowerHA to augment and enhance its data and application protection. IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i is based on the high availability features built into IBM storage subsystems which replicates at the disk sector level. IBM PowerHA adds a layer of intelligence to address the difficulties of using sector-based replication with the IBM i architecture.

The MIMIX for PowerHA  solution complements and enhances IBM PowerHA protection and audits for conditions that could impact switch operations. When paired with MIMIX® Availability™, MIMIX for PowerHA also extends HA/DR protection by enabling replication of data to additional local or remote servers for disaster recovery, query-offload, and data distribution purposes.

Why MIMIX for PowerHA?

Today’s businesses have no tolerance for data loss and no time for downtime. Customers, partners, and employees often demand continuous availability, and industry regulations and service level agreements stipulate increasingly strict performance requirements that can carry heavy penalties for non-compliance. Businesses using IBM PowerHA for i need a complementary solution that ensures all data and applications are fully protected from loss and downtime. MIMIX for PowerHA provides this complementary protection.

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