Anxious About HA and DR Planning?

According to a Vision Solutions report in 2013, 83% of IT professionals said that their companies had no disaster recovery plan in case of data loss, or that they were not fully confident in the plan that they had in place.

However, when equipped with knowledge of software-based, byte-level replication, businesses can change the way they see high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR)

Software-based replication can lessen the causes of concerns and ensure that all of your data is backed-up to physical, virtual or cloud servers and is easily accessible, regardless of the platform.

Over 80% of companies are still reliant on off-site tape backups, despite their slow recovery time. Tape is also vulnerable to conditions in the real world such as heat, light and dust.

Historically, tape recovery strategies have relied on snapshots to allow data to be backed up. However, the data will only be as good as the latest snapshot. For example, a retail business may store a large quantity of transactions within a working day and in the event of a server crash, any stored since the last snapshot would be lost.

Almost 40% of businesses said that they themselves have been victims of data loss due to server failure, application failure or human error. In many cases the damage was significant with nearly 50% of the businesses losing a day or more of data. The fallout of such event can lead to businesses losing time, money and the trust of their partners and customers.

To truly recover your environment you must be able to recover 100% of your data, 99% simply isn’t enough. To this end, companies must be 100% protected to avoid any missing data which could lead to financial cost or legal action.

Businesses that implement real-time byte-level replication can easily switch to an identical environment with no data loss in the event of a server failure. The solution is more efficient than traditional methods as it only updates newly created data rather than periodically taking snapshots of everything. By comprehensively recording each byte it allows businesses to get back up and running quickly with all of their data intact.

Due to the increasing complexity of today’s data centres, it is vital to have a HA/DR solution that is able to run on any platform, operating system or environment. This will allow your data protection solution to grow and move forward as your company does. With the data requirements of businesses only becoming greater as the business grows, these solutions must be implemented in a way that is simple and well-suited to the company’s size and operations. The ability to be confident that your data is continually protected is vitally important in any business.

Businesses require a solution that will coexist with the company’s existing environment and has total awareness of what’s going on. When a problem has been detected, they will know when the OS or server was lost and the most recent information has already been backed up. This means recovery can begin immediately as soon as the business transfers to another environment.

Real-time replication solutions are now proven in the marketplace, having demonstrated how it makes data protection less complicated. Fifty-three percent of companies had implemented the solution by 2013, up from 35 percent in 2013, according to the Vision survey.

Solutions that offer real-time replication are now a proven way to make data protection less complicated. 53% of businesses implemented the solution by 2013, up from 35 percent in 2013, according to the survey.

With the correct solution implemented within your business, disaster recovery becomes far less daunting.

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