MIMIX DR provides complete, affordable disaster recovery protection for SMBs running IBM i.  It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, disaster recovery solution designed for small to medium-size businesses that need to protect business-critical data and applications on IBM Power Systems running IBM i. With MIMIX DR, you can be completely confident that your mission-critical data and applications are protected in real time and are fully recoverable.


Small and medium sized businesses can be subject to harsh penalties associated with contractual obligations and regulatory mandates. Demands for 24/7 access to business-critical data and applications by employees, customers and partners is now common. If a disaster destroys your data and applications, or results in significant downtime, the survival of your business can be threatened.

Daily backups and periodic snapshots are inadequate on their own as data generated between backups is unprotected. Finding a maintenance window for backups can be a challenge in its own right. Worse still, it can be a real struggle to restore successfully from tape, and the time to retrieve tapes from storage and restore data is often measured in days rather than hours.

MIMIX DR is specifically designed to provide complete, affordable disaster recovery for entry-level IBM i servers. Protecting your data and applications in real time and providing a faster recovery that you can rely on.

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mimix dr product sheet

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