Top Tips for Making the Most of Existing Infrastructure for Backup

Data growth continues relentlessly at unprecedented level. Unfortunately, the corundum for IT departments is that budgets are not necessarily growing at the same rates. But, you know what they say – when the going gets tough, the tough figure out how to make the best use of what they’ve got while still dreaming of a data centre full of shiny new kit.

Smart IT managers don’t need to sacrifice data integrity just because their budget has been frozen for the second year on the trot. If you are reviewing your backup and recovery plans to provide for growing data, here are some tactics that can help you maximise the use of your existing infrastructure and save money without compromising safety.

Love Your WAN

Make sure you choose backup and recovery software that works with your existing WAN infrastructure. Your replication software should allow you to either “throttle” the data queue, or let you control when backups are transmitted so it won’t disrupt daily traffic. If you can’t throttle, then it should allow you to compress the data. The best solutions will allow you to do both.

Only Send Changes

Why would you send the same data over and over again? It’s inefficient and soaks up processing power and bandwidth. That terabyte of data that you have to protect across your MPLS is not going to fit in within your 8 eight-hour backup window. So, how about just moving the changes instead of everything? Replicating only the changed data also saves you space on your repository, since you are only storing one copy of the information, as opposed multiple copies that a full backup would require.

Think Cloud

The great thing about cloud storage is you only pay for what you need and you don’t need to add one single piece of hardware or infrastructure to use it. You don’t need to add to or build a data centre when someone has already built one for you. World class, power management, resilience security out of the box. Cloud backup and recovery can be fully automated and storage can scale automatically too, which also saves you administrative time.
As the UK’s premier MIMIX re-seller we’re partial to our own solution, of course, but when you’re shopping around for backup and recovery software be sure to consider software that lets you use your existing infrastructure.

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