State of Resilience Report 2016

The IT world today  is exploding with ever-increasing volumes of data and with it comes pressure to meet corporate expectations of near-continuous uptime. This 8th Annual State of Resilience Report from Vision Solutions is a review of how IT professionals around the world are evaluating their business environment and determining the best tools to  ensure system-wide resilience.

This in-depth review of Vision Solutions 2015 research will provide statistics, trends and insight into the state of IT systems world-wide by covering the following topics:

  • Respondent Profile and Methodology
  • Central Issues for Information Technology Leaders
  • The State of Migrations
  • The State of High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • The State of Cloud Computing
  • The State of Data Sharing
  • Insights into IT Professional Services/Outsourcing

Download the 2016 State of Resilience Report Here:-



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