MMIMIX Global for Multi-Node High Availablity

MIMIX Global, when added to MIMIX Availability environments of three or more servers, delivers the ultimate in protection from downtime and data loss and maximum data access without increased complexity. It seamlessly incorporates multiple local or remote HA/DR servers into a MIMIX Availability environment for fast local failovers, geographically distant protection from regional disasters, and defense against unplanned outages during planned maintenance. MIMIX Global also maximises data access by enabling the integration of any number of data distribution servers for queries, reports, data warehousing, month-end processing and more.

MIMIX Global hides the complexity of managing multiple HA, DR and data distribution servers through integration with the Vision Solutions Portal browser-based interface for MIMIX. As a result you can switch a multi-server MIMIX environment at the push of a button, just as easily as you would switch two servers.

Key Benefits of MIMIX Global

Maximises HA/DR Protection

  • Increases protection by enabling multiple local and remote HA and DR servers
  • Provides flexible HA/DR management in multi-node environments
  • Protects your business from outages during planned and unplanned downtime
  • Adds business flexibility by offloading real-time data for queries, reports, data warehousing and more

Simplifies Multi-node Management

  • Integrates seamlessly into the browser- based MIMIX interface
  • Manages a multi-node environment through a single pane of glass
  • Supports all switch scenarios across multiple backup servers
  • Hides the complexity of managing multiple servers
  • Leverages your investment in MIMIX skills and experience

MIMIX Availability requires that each source and target replication pair have at least one node defined as the management node. This node operates as the control point for the installation. When MIMIX Global is added to a MIMIX Availability environment, every server can be a management node for the entire HA/DR environment, regardless of the number of nodes. This provides maximum flexibility for managing a multiplenode environment, enables all possible switch scenarios, and allows you to switch from a production server to a local HA server or to one or more local or remote DR servers with ease. Virtual switches can also be performed to any HA or DR server to test your switch readiness without impacting the production server.

Additional data distributions servers designed for queries, reports, month-end processing or other read-only operations can also be integrated into a multi-node MIMIX environment. These data distribution servers continuously receive replicated data from the current production server, but they are not eligible to switch and become the production server.

MIMIX Global operations are managed through the browser-based Vision Solutions Portal using the same MIMIX views and operations as are used in a two-node MIMIX Availability environment. Thus, whether you have a two-node or a multi-node HA/DR environment, switching is as easy as the press of a button.

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