MIMIX 8.1 New Features Video Tour

Get to Grips with the New and Improved Features of MIMIX 8.1

Sit back and take a look at this 10 minute video tour and find out how MIMIX 8.1 delivers even-easier management, stronger confidence in your HA/DR readiness, and increased replication performance.

The New Features in MIMIX 8.1

A new automated virtual switch procedure allows you to test applications on the backup server without impacting production operations. A virtual switch activity window in VSP allows you to monitor changes made to the backup server and the eventual return to normal replication.

MIMIX Autofix

Continuous autofix technology detects and intelligently repairs exceptions found during replication and audits. This can significantly reduce day-to-day management requirements, while also enhancing performance. Full visibility into all objects requiring repair is provided through VSP.

Faster Performance

Replication performance has been enhanced to keep pace with growing transaction volumes. High throughput environments benefit from enhancements to the way changes are applied to the backup server, while performance is improved for highly constrained environments through more flexible constraint handling.

Greater Control

Greater control of audit statuses allows administrators to tune audit results for their environment, reducing the number of reported exceptions and easing the audit management workload.

Tailor to Your Needs

A new customisable, automated procedure for point-in-time operations enables tape-based backups or other custom processes to be performed on data from a user-defined point in time.

Faster Problem Resolution

Faster, easier problem analysis and resolution is facilitated by default actions that guide administrators through the best approach for resolving synchronization issues. Objects on the production and backup servers can also now be compared side-by-side on the same screen with differences highlighted.

Better Reports

Additional information is provided in MIMIX Data Protection Reports to support the creation of optimal replication configurations.

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