MIMIX 8.1 Available Now

MIMIX 8.1 – More Confident HA/DR

With the release of MIMIX 8.1 much of the labour intensity has been removed for IBM i. MIMIX 8.1 delivers a number of enhancements across the whole MIMIX suite, including IBM i disaster recovery, high availability and migration solutions. MIMIX has moved a step closer to becoming a  “set it and forget it” solution, and now provides even higher reliability.

Alan Arnold, Vision Solutions Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer summarises the benefits of the latest release as follows, “Our MIMIX 8.1 update delivers significantly reduced solution management requirements, enhanced replication performance and the much-needed ability to test an HA/DR plan without business impact.”

Vision Solutions have made great strides towards their goal to make HA/DR as comprehensive and foolproof as possible, but also to ensure it is both simple and labor-efficient.  New MIMIX 8.1 include:

Virtual Switch

Virtual switch, is an automated procedure that enhances support for HA/DR plan testing by enabling business applications to be tested on the backup server without impacting production operations.

Continuous Autofix

Continuous autofix technology detects and intelligently repairs issues found during replication and audits to reduce day-to-day management requirements, while boosting performance.

Enhanced Performance

Enhancements to replication performance for high-throughput environments or highly constrained environments.

Greater Audit Control

Greater control of audit status which allows administrators to refine the audit exceptions they receive, noticeably reducing the solution management overhead.

Simplified Configuration

Simplified replication configuration and smart problem resolution enables the creation of optimal replication configurations from MIMIX’s data protection reports and also guides administrators through the analysis of exceptions.

The benefits in summary: MIMIX 8.1 delivers faster replication to protect the growing volumes of data and transactions your organisation manages. At the same time, it gives you greater confidence that your applications can switch to a backup server at a moment’s notice and minimises the demands on your IT resources.

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