Is MIMIX Availability Still the No.1 Solution for IBM System i Availability?

After 2 decades of innovation, MIMIX® Availability™ still leads the industry in IBM i high availability and disaster recovery. Thousands of companies worldwide, from small businesses to global enterprises depend on MIMIX Availability to keep their data safe and their operations running smoothly.

Scalable real-time replication, comprehensive audits, an easy graphical interface, and customisable automation for common operations make MIMIX an easy choice for confidently eliminating planned and unplanned downtime.


Scalable Real-Time Replication

  • Performance-optimised replication built on IBM i remote journaling
  • Delivers unparalleled performance that scales to enterprise transaction volumes
  • Supports RPOs and RTOs for even the most stringent SLAs and regulations
  • Minimises bandwidth requirements
  • Ensures transaction integrity
  • Easily expands to configurations with multiple HA/DR or replicate servers
  • Offers flexible configurations, including broadcast and bidirectional replication
  • Protects mixed hardware, storage and OS versions on physical, virtual or cloud platforms
  • Enables access to recovery server data for queries, reports, tape backups and more

Easy to Install, Monitor and Manage

  • Quick and easy installation and configuration using simple, guided wizards
  • Convenient management with a browser-based graphical interface
  • Color-coded display shows status at a glance
  • Email and SNMP notifications enable lights out monitoring
  • Provides application view for coordinated higher level operations
  • Customisable automated procedures enable switching at the push of a button and eliminate human error

Comprehensive HA/DR Protection

  • Replicates the greatest number of object types in the industry
  • Provides on-demand data protection reports
  • Ensures recovery server synchronisation through on-demand or periodic self-healing audits
  • Monitors data on the recovery server to detect and repair unauthorised changes
  • Automates virtual switch testing without business impact
  • Optimises server efficiency and performance to ensure a healthy HA/DR environment

How It Works


MIMIX Process

MIMIX Availability transparently replicates data and all essential application objects in real time from a production server to a recovery server anywhere in the world. Hardware independent technology supports replication between different IBM i versions and storage types and scales to handle the transaction volumes of businesses of all sizes.

Leveraging IBM i’s remote journaling features, along with other change capture mechanisms, MIMIX Availability ensures that your recovery server is always a complete replica of your production server. Advanced continuous auditing processes seek out discrepancies in the replicated data and correct any errors. Your recovery system is always ready and available to assume responsibility for production operations at a moment’s notice.

MIMIX’s browser-based graphical interface facilitates easy configuration, management and monitoring. Unexpected issues are reported in MIMIX’s at-a-glance status display, as well as through email or SNMP alerts.

Built-in automated procedures make it easy to switch operations to the recovery server, and later switch back to the production server, eliminating downtime due to both unplanned outages and planned server maintenance. An automated virtual switch procedure allows your HA/DR plan to be tested on a routine basis, without impacting production server operations.

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