International DR Survey 2016 Findings

This article covers some of the significant findings of Vision Solutions June 2016 survey of professionals’ attitudes, perceptions, and practices in relation to disaster recovery. The audience was made up of IT professionals from around the world, many of whom are involved in managing their organisation’s DR strategy, and the common theme that emerged was that a large number of the respondents had little or no confidence in their organisation’s ability to achieve their Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) following unplanned downtime.

The audience were asked about their experiences with downtime. Nearly half said their organisation had experienced some kind of event. These included natural disasters, IT infrastructure failures, application failure and human error, which required them to invoke their HA/DR systems to continue operations. Of those who experienced an outage, about 1/3 experienced downtime of between one and five hours and 6% were down for longer than 48 hours. Of the 50% of respondents who had carried out downtime analysis, 25% said that an hour of downtime would cost their company somewhere between $10K and $50K. Almost 10% said an hour of downtime would cost them over half a million dollars an hour.

Nearly half of those who experienced a failure also said they experienced data loss when restoring operations. The most common reasons for data loss included storage failure followed by no backup copy and of those who lost data, 19% of them said they lost more than a day’s worth of data.

Do you know how much and hour of downtime cost your company? $10K, $50K, or more? And, how much would it cost your organisation to recreate an hour/day/week of data? Whatever the answer is, downtime and data loss are always extremely costly and sometimes crippling but completely unnecessary.

Vision Solutions HA/DR software from Mynah Bird IT can save organisations from the costs and longer term consequences of downtime and data loss by replicating data and applications in real time, to a backup server anywhere in the world. Following a downtime event, or even during regular maintenance, you can manually or automatically failover to the backup server that has an up-to-date copy of all of your mission-critical workloads. Users are able to immediately resume operations on the backup copy, with minimal interruption. When the original production server is ready to come back online, the process is simply reversed. Users are able to stay online and productive on a real-time copy of the data, and they may never even know they’ve moved from production to backup and back again.

If you’re want to learn more about how easy it can be to avoid the downtime and data loss that comes with maintenance or unexpected events that cause downtime, please feel free to contact Mynah Bird IT on 0330 321 0062 or [email protected]


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