Mimix Availability

MIMIX Availability

MIMIX Availability is the industry leading IBM i high availability and disaster recovery solution. Many thousands of companies around the world, from small and medium enterprises to international corporations, depend on MIMIX Availability to keep their business critical data safe and their business operations running smoothly. MIMIX Availability has been proven in the market, for over 20 years, to virtually eliminate downtime and data loss.

Why Use MIMIX Availability?

Today’s business environment increasingly demands continuous availability of critical data, no matter what. There is no time for downtime and zero tolerance for data loss. Industry regulations and service level agreements specify increasingly strict performance requirements that often carry penalties for non-compliance. Customers and business partners also demand continuous availability. Your business needs a powerful defense to protect it from the threat of disaster, server or storage failure, user error, and downtime for routine maintenance. MIMIX Availability is designed to help you continue to operate without interruption, no matter what.
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