Vision Solutions 10th Annual State of Resilience Report (2017)

Vision Solutions 10th Annual State of Resilience Report (2017) details the findings of their global survey of IT professionals. The survey covered key aspects of their organisations’ IT infrastructure, major outages, the rapid growth of data and new technology as well as other IT challenges and opportunities. Among the significant take-away points were:-

  • Prioritising disaster recovery planning and training
  • Migration outcomes can be unpredictable
  • Business information is a critical resource. Ensuring accuracy is a challenge
  • The benefits if cloud are clear but uncertainties still exist

The report examines each category, shedding light on important trends:

  • 84% of professionals either had no recovery plan or were less than 100% confident that their recovery plan was complete, tested, and able to meet recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Incidents of migration failure increased from 36% in 2014 to 44% in 2015 and 51% in 2016
  • 70% of IT professionals with multiple databases had redundant data stored in them, but a quarter of those lacked processes to synchronise the data
  • IT professionals cannot agree about who is responsible for protecting data and applications in a public cloud; 43% believe cloud providers while 39% believe internal IT departments

“Recent high profile outages illustrate how critical IT vulnerabilities can quickly hurt businesses. Ensuring daily operations, avoiding disruption, budget crunches, and hiring booms all pose challenges, and IT departments must plan three to five years out,” said Edward Vesely, EVP and CMO of Vision Solutions. “The State of Resilience Report helps IT pros benchmark and prepare to address their own challenges and opportunities.”

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